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I was put on Pravachol over 3 years ago. The first couple of years were uneventful and my cholesterol lowered dramatically (and I felt fine), so when the symptoms described below began, they were not recognized as statin- related for several months.

When the symptoms began, what followed was a year and a half of puzzling symptoms and misery, beginning with both hands and arms aching constantly. Any twisting or wrenching such as wringing out a wet towel would increase the pain for days.

Because of my strong family history of arthritis, my internist put me on Cliniril and shortly afterwards, I developed reflux symptoms (difficulty swallowing) so he put me on Protonix. The pain continued and spread to other areas. It became almost impossible for me to bend or twist because of pain in my stomach, ribs, and sides. I had trouble putting on my shoes. I had pain in my calves and an increase in leg cramps.

I also began retaining fluid (not the typical hot weather kind) and was put on Lasix but, even with this, my feet and legs were huge at the end of each day and I was sleeping on two or three pillows because the fluid moved up when I lay down. An appointment was made (six months away) for a local arthritis group to see me. My doc suspected rheumatoid arthritis (like the other females in my family) but also began asking questions such as did I have family history of lupus, MS, fibromalgia, myasthenia gravis, etc.

In the meantime, the pain in my hands and arms had become seven/twenty-four and were so weak, I was using both hands to pick up a cup of coffee. When I mentioned to my internist that, on top of everything else, it seemed my bladder wasn't working right either because I couldn't 'hold it' anymore, he raised one eyebrow and said, "REALLY? " Maybe we've finally tapped into something!! ALL of your problems seem to be muscle-related - and now it's the bladder! another muscle! I'm taking you off your Pravachol TODAY!"

Within 60 days, the pain had subsided to something I could live with and in another thirty it was gone. The strength returned to my hands and arms and the aches and pains all over my body miraculously disappeared.

Since I wasn't hurting anymore, I discontinued the Cliniril and after another 30 days, the reflux symptoms were gone and swallowing was no longer difficult.

Sooooo, since I didn't have reflux anymore, I discontinued the Protonix and the swelling left my feet and legs and is still gone except for the occasional hot-weather type swelling.

My doctor laughed and said, "You're doing terrific since we stopped trying to kill you!" Then he said, "You can't ever take statins again! Not ever! Your symptoms were too severe."

I have developed something NEW, though. On a routine EKG in April '05, only weeks after all the other symptoms went away, they discovered a bundle branch block on the left. After testing (echo, nuclear), a cardiology team has diagnosed me with 'idiopathic, intermittent' bundle branch block, left, and warned me if I feel faint or lightheaded (syncope) to head to the E.R.

I can't help but wonder if the Pravachol had an adverse affect on my heart... after all, the heart is a muscle, too, and the timing was right.

So, now I'm back at square one about what to do to lower my cholesterol. The LDL is high (155), the HDL is normal (76), and the triglycerides are normal (169), for a total cholesterol level of 265. After hearing about my 'muscle' history, my new cardiologist agrees with my internist that I shouldn't be on statins.

A couple of friends suggested I check out red rice yeast. So, here I am, hoping to learn more from you and your experiences with statins and red rice yeast.

That's the way it all happened and this is the way it ended - except that, with a total cholesterol level of 265, I realize it really hasn't ended at all.

Sorry! I couldn't say all that in a few short sentences.

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