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[QUOTE=kate100]My husband just had a test for triglycerides and his result was a whopping 2020!! The doctor immediately put him on Vytorin 10/20 and Tricor 145 mg., plus we have dramatically changed our diet. He wants to see him again in 4 weeks. Is this enough time to get the level down to normal (or near normal)? Is there anything else we can do?[/QUOTE]


Have your husband cut way-back on:


If he is overweight, start reducing calories and increasing exercise.

By the way, be very cautious on Vytorin plus Tricor. Combining statins and fibrates can be dangerous - the chances of severe muscle pains (including the potentially fatal rhabdomyolosis) increase 25 fold (compared to statins alone) when the 2 are combined. I had serious muscle pains and weakness within 2 months of my doctor adding Tricor to my Lipitor. If you notice any chronic muscle pains, stop the Tricor and get to your doctor.


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