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I can't imagine 20 year old college students with total cholestol of 210 or 220, being on a statin for most of their adult life...

It's a testimony to the brainwashing of America by the pharmaceutical companies. I wonder how many realize that the new, lowered high-cholesterol guidelines were approved by a panel of 10, 9 of whom had financial ties to the pharmaceutical companies producing the cholesterol-lowering drugs. Suddenly overnight, a whole new segment of the population was proclained to have a disease - and would be pressured into a lifetime of very expensive prescription meds to treat it - for life.

I fully expect that 30 or so years from now we will have a population riddled with chronic health problems as the 'hidden' effects of statins begin to show themselves.

I hope someone can counter the insane guideance on high-cholesterol that the medical profession is pumping out today.


U think that is unreal, get this!! A friend of mine called me today as she took her 10 yr. old for his physical. The dr. wanted him to go on a low dose of cholesterol meds. cause his TC was 215!!!..... :eek: Outside of TC of 215 he is a perfectly healthy kid, no problems what so ever. She asked me if I thought the dr. was a nut job or what, and I told her YES, get another one really fast! What is with this crazyness of putting young kids and young adults on lifelong meds.???? I think some of these drs. are sniffing glue or something, cause this makes NO sense to me.

Oh well, off my soapbox, but that really shocked me.
I looked up the subject of testing kids for cholesterol was appropriate, and this is what I found. I never heard of kids this young being tested.

When to Worry
Cholesterol levels in children age two to 19 years should be less than 170 and LDL levels should be less than 110. Total cholesterol levels greater than 200 and/or LDL levels greater than 130 are considered high. Blood pressure levels in children vary by age, height and weight, so talk to your doctor about where your child's should be.

"What we don't yet know is if lowering a child's cholesterol levels changes their risk later in life for developing coronary disease," says DR. Driscoll. "Intuitively, you would think that it would, but those studies haven't been done yet." And a substantial number of children with high cholesterol levels do become adults with desirable cholesterol levels without intervention.

Nonetheless, the U.S. National Cholesterol Education Program recommends cholesterol lowering drugs for children over age 10 whose LDL (that's the "bad" cholesterol) remains high even after they've changed their diet. Until fairly recently, the most common class of such drugs, statins, were not approved for use in children and few large studies on their effects in children had been conducted.

But a study published in an October 2002 issue of the journal Circulation found the cholesterol-lowering drug simvastatin (Zocor) significantly reduced cholesterol levels in children with an inherited form of high cholesterol. The study, on 173 children between ages nine and 18, also found that even after 48 weeks on the drug, there was no effect on growth or development of puberty.

Today, statins are generally considered safe to use in children and adolescents, says Dr. Driscoll, "although we use them a bit more cautiously than with adults because if you take a 55-year-old person and put them on a drug for the rest of their life and they live to
be 85, that's 30 years; but with a 15-year-old, you may be talking about a very long time on that drug."
I don't know about anyone else, but testing kids this young is definitely news to me, and I don't get it. I thought kids needed cholesterol to grow??

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