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[QUOTE=StenoLady1]Total Number is 239
Triglyceride is 317
"Good Cholesterol" is 36
LDL is 140

First, how bad is this? I'm 33, female, no kids, 5'6", 185 pounds, not as active as I should be, but I've been walking (fairly vigorously...enough to work up a good sweat) every night for a half-hour since I got these results (one week ago).

The nurse said I needed to get my total to 200 or under, my good cholesterol to 40 or above and my LDL to 130.[/quote]The trigs will probably be the easiest to get down if you were eating much sugar or low-quality starches before. And getting your trigs down will also reduce your LDL. Your exercise will likely raise your HDL, and if it doesn't (people are different in this regard), you can make further adjustment to diet after your next blood test.

[quote]Doc gave me pamphlet that suggested very few proteins, lots of carbs, no nuts, beans or avacados :eek: [/quote]That sounds really strange if one is trying to lower cholesterol. Proteins are great, just limit meats to those that don't have too much fat like you've been doing. And beans and other legumes are among the "good carbs." The legumes are high in both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber helps to trap dietary cholesterol in the intestines and ushers it out of the body so it never enters the blood stream. So it acts as a "first line of defense" cholesterol-lowering product. Since you are trying to lose weight, I wouldn't go overboard on legumes, but I can see no reason to exclude them from the diet and plenty of reason to keep them there in limited quantities.

Other carbs to include in your diet are whole grains. Eliminate or go very easy on the "whites": white flour, white rice, potatoes, pasta (except whole grain).

[quote]So far, I've just been common-sensing things and reading labels. Nothing with T-fat, buying fat-free or low-fat everything I can find, cooking with olive or canola oil only (in small amounts if I even have to), no chips, fast food or other garbage, daily aerobic exercise, measuring three ounces of lean meats for lunch & dinner, eatings lots of fruits and veggies, Cheerios for breakfast. Is this pretty much the way to go?[/quote]Sounds like a good plan to me.

[quote]Also, doc wanted me to do another lipid blood test in one month. Is this enough time to see some improvement? I hate being stuck with needles :( [/quote]Well, if it were me, I'd wait about three months, especially if you think your doctor might be one to try to put you on medication if you haven't made as much progress as he'd like. I think it not only takes time for the blood to show the results of a new diet, but it takes some time and experimenting to adjust one's eating habits.

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