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Info please?
Jul 23, 2005
I'm a newbie where cholesterol is concerned... I have some questions.

I know about LDL and HDL, but what are triglycerides? What do they do? How do these get elevated?

I've read that eliminating carbs can lower cholesterol. I never heard that before. How does this work exactly?
How about eggs? How do they influence LDL and HDL?

My stats: 22y/o woman. My cholesterol is supposedly too high.
Total cholesterol: 195
HDL: 77
LDL: 100
Trigl.: 90

These seem excellent to me, no? In any case, I'm not at all worried, just curious.
A little math: 195 minus 77 minus 100 = 18. What kind of cholesterol is this?

Is the HDL/LDL ratio all that matters? Or is high LDL, no matter what the ratio, always a concern? And how about extremely high total cholesterol, but normal LDL?

I've also heard that the "allowed" levels of cholesterol have decreased significantly over the last few years. My parents remember that 10 years ago 300 was the limit, not 190...

Thanx for your answers...

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