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There's no need to wait on the CoQ-10. I'd recommend 100 mg. per day since many people feel it prevents the muscle pain of a statin. Perhaps if youu lopwer your Lipitor, you can get away with 50 mg. CoQ-10 (it's not cheap.)
You MUST get that HDL up's the "heart" of your problem.

I think the NUMBER ONE way to do it is with daily a man 3 drinks is a good idea.
Add fish oil (with or instead of the flax), exercise (the common old saw but I found it doesn't help); try lecithin granules.

If you can take the Lipitor down lower I'd recommend a low dose of DOES boost HDL but the combo is hard on the liver...and muscles. I take 125 mg. twice a day with my 10 mg. of Lipitor and it gets me a couple points in my HDL.

You got a GREAT response to 40 mg. Lipitor, though an HDL boost would have been nice- I got +25% at 20 mg.
I hope your numbers remain almost that good with 20 or even 10 mg. They MIGHT!

Quitting smoking will net you several points. And lose weight if you need to.

With a past MI, don't concern yourself with any printout that shows total cholesterol as "too low." They are working with averages for an obese nation with heart disease as the Number one killer. "Too Low" in this case means GREAT!

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