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If I had no trouble with heavy excercise on a treadmill nor any problem with a hard workout on an elliptical but then I went onto another kind of machine, a Nordictrack for exampl,e and then developed extreme knee or hip pain, I would think it silly not to attribute the pain to the use of that machine rather than to FM or a statin reaction.
Some machines STINK and cause pain in some people.

When I do military presses I get shoulder pain that can go on for a long time.
What should I blame, my morning vitamins, my aspirin, a celiac allergy, a curse? Maybe NOT doing military presses might be the most logical thing for me.

Bodies are fragile, they get hurt. Always have and always wiill. Probably the best thing you can do is to give the elliptical trainer away to a friend (or ENEMY.:D)

If your doctor said the "leg pain wasn't caused by a statin" perhaps she's right. Why pay someone who is going to lie to you?

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