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I am a 27 year old male, and I just got the results back on my cholesterol test. I am concerned because I have been watching what I eat for a long time ( like +12 years. I don't eat alot of junk)or consume high fat fast food..only Subway... and I take E, C, and a multivtamin on a daily basis. I am not overweight (I am 5'9, 165). I used to smoke cigars, but quit almost two years ago, and even then, it was only about half a one per day, and I don't drink that often...although I did have 3 drinks the night before due to it was someone's going away party. Could that have thrown it off?

My cholesterol level was 202.
They were slightly concerned that my LDL was signfiicant higher than the HDL.0 I think my LDL level was somewhere around 140. And this was with all of those preventive measures I thought I was taking.If I wasn't doing all of that, I wouldn't be so concerned. I thought it was going to get a reading between 160-180 at the highest..or possibly lower.

Any thoughts/ideas how to increase HDL and decrease LDL? Any ecommended supplements?

Should I eat more good fat? Quite honestly my diet would probably be considered ultra low fat by most people. Sometimes I probably eat 30 or fewer grams of fat a day, sometimes less depending on what is on the menu.

The reason I am concerned is heart disease runs on my dad's side of the family, and I don't want to wait until I get older to start taking preventive measures.


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