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Which type of niacin? Years ago I tried an immediate release. I don't recall if it was 250 mg or just 100 mg, but I thought I was going to burn up. It isn't dangerous, but it was uncomfortable. Then a couple of years ago when I decided to use it to lower my cholesterol, I used 250 mg Enduracin, a sustained-release OTC product, and took it, as directed, with a meal. I had only minor flushing the first week, none thereafter.

If you have immediate release niacin (nicotinic acid), I'd cut it in half at first until you see how you react. Your body will most likely get used to it, you'll start flushing less, and you'll be able to increase the dose over time. If you have inositol hexaniacinate, the "no-flush" niacin, it isn't likely to cause a flush, but some research says it does no good for cholesterol control as it contains no free niacin. Some people on this board have said it does work, though, so I don't know.

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