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[QUOTE=pittguy578]How many tablets should one take per day to get the benefits?[/QUOTE]


To lower triglycerides, you can expect about a 6-8% reduction in trigs per gram of EPA+DHA (total) in your fish oil capsules. Brands can vary significantly in the amount of EPA/DHA they contain - these are the type of Omega-3 fatty acids that are really of benefit in fish oil in protecting against CHD...

I haven't read any definitive articles on how much EPA+DHA is required to lower LDL. Some on this board are getting good results with 3-4 grams EPA+DHA per day.

For the brand of Fish Oil that I take (Puritan Pride's 'Super Omega-3'), that translates into 6 - 8 capsules per day. My doctor also mentioned that his experience is that patients only lower their cholesterol when taking at least 8 capsults per day of fish oil.

However, I don't subscribe to the theory that high-cholesterol is the most significant risk-factor for heart disease. I think that chronic low-level inflammation (which can be treated by folic acid, aspirin, vitimin c & e, and fish oil) is a far more important factor.

We take in far too much Omega-6 fatty acids (from corn, safflower & sunflower,& soybean oil, margarines) and far too little Omega-3 fatty acids (from deep water fish, cod liver oil, fish oils, canola oil). I've been reading that when these two groups of fatty acids are out of balance, the body releases chemicals that promote inflammation. Decreasing your omega-6 and increasing your omega-3 intake can help.


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