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Hi. I have PCOS, which is one reason why I have high cholesterol. Crestor has reduced my cholesterol dramatically. My liver function tests have always been normal.

For the first time in 6 months of being on the Crestor, I actually got drunk last night and the only reason that happened is because we were at a party where the punch was spiked and I had no idea it was so full of alcohol. It tasted sweet and like it had only a touch of alcohol but I felt VERY buzzed after 2 cups (not even big cups) of the stuff....and the effects did not kick in right away, which is why I even had a second cup..and then it was too late.

I felt pretty buzzed all night and am a bit sleepy even as I am typing this (but no major signs of a hangover, other than some fatigue)

Still, I am scared that I may have damaged my liver. Should I call my doc? I know they say you should not drink on Crestor and I don't know if I am over reacting to be worried but I have never been drunk while on Crestor until last night and now I'm scared.

Has anyone here had a drink or two while on Crestor - or even been drunk - and been fine afterwards? Any reassurance would be greatly appreciated because I don't know if I'm worrying for nothing but I've been very careful to avoid alcohol or to stick to a sip or two.

I confess that I do feel "out of the loop" when socializing as I used to enjoy a glass of wine now and then but I've been too scared to drink at all on this drug. Any advice would be appreciated.
I wouldn't worry about it. It's not as if you drink heavily every day. That would be another story. You are not going to damage your liver overnight. And I don't think an occasional drink or two is going to hurt you. In fact, many people who take statins still have a drink or two each day. Everything in moderation. :wave:

It's perfectly fine. Next time have the THIRD glass:D!

Crestor, niacin, ANY statin, alcohol, any solvents, too much fat, and MANY drugs are all hard on the liver because the liver is the site where all most foreign material is destroyed and eliminated... but it's a matter of degree.
Someone who is drunk every day for a year taking a strong statin is different from someone who gets buzzed on the occasional fruit punch.

I've been on Lipitor for the greater part of a decade and I've had my share of DOOZY martini days. My liver enzymes are always on target.

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