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...A diet based on the Glycemic Index may lower your triglycerides. I went on the diet for other health reasons but received several other health benefits. My triglycerides dropped from 350 to 97 and my blood pressure droped from 135/80 to 115/75. Even though my blood pressure was normal in both cases, it shows the dynamic effect the Glycemic index can have. But as you can see, there was dramatic improvement in my triglycerides. My HDL is around 40 (first time it had been normal) but my LDL is still high. I can't remember how high it is, but my total cholesterol was around 212.

...We can't post links on this board but there's lots of free information regarding the glycemic index on the web and the main thing I did was greatly reduce the amount of white starches in my diet, potatoes, rice, and white breads are usually the main foods that are high on the index. I read a couple of research papers and restricting the white starches has always showed greater reduction in triglycerides than a low fat diet. The reason is that insulin converts carbs into fat by an extended process, which I wil not go into but bottom line is that the high glycemic carbs cause excess insulin levels and by curbing the insulin into normal levels, the triglycerides will drop.


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