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Re: New numbers!
Aug 24, 2005
[QUOTE=gardeninggal]Hi, JJ, Been a while since I have posted but wanted to say "Good for you" I think you have done well considering you have only done a couple of things to get your cholesterol down. Like you I don't want any statins again, figure if I live a few months less because of it at least it will be quality time. We all got to go sometime anyway. I am doing somethings though, here is what I do, I take one "ONE A Day Cholesterol Plus" to get the 10 mg of Policosanol, I also take CoQ10, fish oil caps, 1000 mg of flush free niacin, we use the "Smart Balance Margarine" and today I bought the Nature Made "Cholest Off" Which is plant sterols and stanols. They say on the package it is clinically proven to reduce LDL and total cholesterol. Oh yes we drink Minute Maid Heart Wise, partly because it works and mostly because I like it better then just orange juice. This all sounds like a lot on paper but really it isn't that much to do for the results. My friend on Lipitor was able to cut her dose in half just drinking the orange juice and using the margarine, so I know they work. Isn't this site great, most everyone here is willing to share what works for them in the hope of helping someone else. Restores my faith in people. Keep at it JJ and most of all enjoy the time the good Lord has given you, wouldn't it be a shame if we agonized all the time over cholesterol and missed the good things in life. :)[/QUOTE]

Hi gardeninggal...Thanx for the well wishes, and yes, it is a shame we are forced to constantly think of numbers to keep our drs. from being pains. Like I told hubby, it may be just a fluke that the numbers went so low, but for now, it keeps the dr. off my back.... :D

Sounds like U guys are doing the ole natural routine also, and hopefully U will see very good results. At least U eat and drink the stuff anyway, so why not indulge in the "smarter" variety. Like U, I would much rather make a few food or drink changes then do the drugs, been there, done that, and suffered. I tried the Niacin and it made me itch like crazy, I am so stinking sensative, but glad U are able to take it. Going to see how hubby makes out today, as he is stubborn about making changes, but he has been trying very hard to cut out a few things he definitely doesn't need in his diet, so he is coming around, sloooowly!!!

Glad your friend was able to cut the dose in half, that is a big plus. If someone is taking a statin, the less the better, and making some good food choices can help do that. As far as the folks on here being helpful, yes they most certainly are. I have been coming here since 2000, and sometimes I just read alot, as I seem to be always finding many great articles and natural things to try. Sometimes the suggestions work and sometimes not, but hey, at least we can give it the old college try. I truly hope all your changes work for you, as U sure are doing alot of good healthy things. Keep us posted how your doing, and let's hope those numbers go way down. Enjoy your day, thanx for the well wishes and hope to TTYL...... :wave:

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