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[QUOTE=dak2005] If you read this Frankie......
how is your husband doing?

He isn't Diabetic right? I know it is said that Diabetics should be on a statin.

At what point in the last year have you seen an improvment in his memory etc?

Is he able to work? Hobbies? Drive? [/QUOTE]

Hubby is getting better daily. The memory situation is greatly improved. He's been off statins for over a year now. I have to make a concerted effort to NOT do things for him; let him figure it out for himself. This was a very hard lesson for me to learn. I would get impatient and (lets say) I would take the TV remote out of his hand and do what he was trying to do. This did not help him at all. For some tasks, it's like they have to do them several (sometimes many many times) to relearn that process. I dug out the crossword puzzle books again for him; excellent brain exercise.

We are both retired, so I try to keep him busy; Yard work, kayaking, long walks.
During the summer/fall he works with our youngest son that owns his own business.
This is VERY GOOD therapy for him (and me.....LOL).
During the winter he used to play a lot of golf, but at the height of short term memory loss, he was very frustrated because he couldn't remember how many strokes he'd taken. He did not play at all last winter, but I've already told him I'm kicking him out of the house at least one day a week this winter (to play golf). He really loves the game and I need some "ME" time.

He is an excellent driver; that has not changed at all.
And this is something that seems to be a specific difference with those taking a statin drug. They may have trouble with short term memory or looking for the right word, but some other part of their brain takes over while driving. They might forget why they were going somewhere, but they make it to their destination without any problem. If they were an excellent driver, that does not change. I think that is the main difference with someone that has Alzheimer's type symptoms from statins and someone that truly does have Alzheimer's.

The Neurologist got really ticked when we refused Aricept. If he had his way, my husband would still be taking Lipitor AND Aricept and be a zombi.

Hubby is not diabetic.
There is much debate that just because you are diabetic, statins should be given as [B]preventive measures[/B]. Statins can actually CAUSE diabetes.

I can't tell anyone NOT to take a drug (or drugs) but I will never subject my husband to statins or any drug that causes such severe side effects that they misidagnosed him with Alzheimer's.

Hope this info helps you make decisions for your Dad.


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