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My doctor put me on Lipitor (10mg?)
6 weeks later my liver enzymes was elevated
Then Pravachol (foot/leg pain)
Then Vytorin (leg discomfort)
Then Advicor

how do you guys feel about taking Coenzyme Q10 suppliments?
how much do you take?
Flax Seed/ Flaxseed oil? omega 3's
Hi Dave,

Wow, Your been on the cholesterol lowering circuit !!!
I abbreviated your info to highlight the good stuff (or bad stuff).

Just so I understand what you're taking now.........
You are taking [B]only[/B] Advicor, right?
Advicor is a combination of niacin and lovastatin (aka Mev a cor)
(one tablet taken once a day at bedtime)

Advicor (dose dependent) has been proven to
* Reduce LDL ("bad") cholesterol by up to 42%
* Increase HDL ("good") cholesterol by up to 30%
* Reduce triglycerides (TG) by up to 44%

Pain in the feet (and hands) from a statin drug is called peripheral neuropathy,
so when you were taking Lipitor, Pravachol & Vytorin, that might have been
the source of your foot pain. If you did not have foot pain after hiking [B]before[/B]
cholesterol lowering drugs, don't be too quick to dismiss that statins were the cause.
Too many times people ignore statin side effects, blaming them on something else.

Uff-Da! is right about cutting back on simple carbs, as they are a major
reason for high triglycerides. Sugar is probably the greatest offender.

Advicor can increase blood sugar levels, so if your glucose levels are near
100 mg/dl, your doctor needs to keep an eye on that. Pre-diabetic is 100 > 125.
126 mg/dl and above is diabetic.

Advicor is part [B]statin[/B], so be on the lookout for the [B]foot pain[/B] and [B]elevated liver enzymes[/B].

Niacin (the other half of Advicor) can raise homocysteine levels, so have your
doctor check that too. Homocysteine is also a risk factor as elevated levels
cause oxidized LDL.

Now your doctor might laugh at this recommendation, but [B]cinnamon[/B] lowers
triglycerides and controls blood sugar levels. My husband's triglycerides were
301. He cut way back on simple carbs and took two 500 mg capsules of
cinnamon daily. Within 3 months his triglycerides went from 301 to 150. If you can't
find cinnamon in capsule form, 1/2 teaspoon daily is the equivilant.

Definitely take CoQ10 while taking any statin drug. One 100mg capsule in liquid form
(gel form) with a bit of vitamin E. You need some vit E to metabolize CoQ10.

Flax seed oil is a source of omega 3 and omega 6.
Fish oil and cod liver oil are excellent sources of omega 3.
All come in 1,000mg capsules. You can take anywhere from one to five or six.
Or they might come in liquid form; take 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon.

One last thing. Just be very aware of any side effects. It's quite frequent that when
someone is switched from one statin to another, that side effects can worsen.


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