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Re: Co-enzyme Q10
Sep 15, 2005
I think CoQ-10 is probably a good idea since some studies have found that people on statins have less of it than others.
As for pain, I say try it. All you will lose if there really is no correlation between muscle pain and CoQ-10 is the price of the supplement.

I started taking 100 mg. day and then the prices went up (presumably it's popular.) I now take 50 mg. with my cod-liver oil and lecithin. To be honest I haven't noticed much difference in aches and pains before statins, just Lipitor, Lipitor + 100 mg. CoQ-10, or Lipitor +50 mg. CoQ-10. I've got some rotten damaged joints and a bad back that I've LIVED with for better, no worse- they act up when they act up!

Maybe I'll drop to 25 mg when my 50's run out since it IS among the most expensive of supplements and I'd hate to be wasting my money on hype!

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