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My last lipid profile numbers: ~~ 6 months ago they were:
Total 236 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Total 224
HDL 44 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HDL 50
LDL 171 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LDL 150
Tri's - 104~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tri's 124
Non-HDL - 191

5'4" - 150 lbs female - 46 years old
Hypothyroidism (take meds for that)
Quit smoking 1 1/2 yrs ago
Last week started taking a NatureMade product - Cholest Off
Drink beer on the weekends (average 6 to 10 beers with an occasional martini)
Take 1000 mg flaxseed oil daily
Take a diuretic (fluctuating high blood pressure - diuretic keeps BP at a normal rate)
Ab exercises every morning, take a cardio exercise class twice a week, and walk 2 miles a day.
Hello Yock,

Welcome to the world of cholesterol.

1) LDL cholesterol is calculated using a formula, so although your LDL is higher than 6 months ago, it may be more or less than 171.
2) Your trigs went down, which is [b]good[/b]
3) Your HDL went down, [b]not good[/b]
4) excellent that you quit smoking - one of the best things you can do for your health
[i]I don't feel I eat unhealthy - (I eat fruit and vegetables every day with red meat maybe once a week) but obviously something is causing my LDLs to be high.[/i]
5) hypothyroidism is often associated with elevated cholesterol
[b]Maybe your meds need to be adjusted.[/b]
[i]How about quitting alcohol all together?[/i]
6) Re: beer - would be better to spread your 6 to 10 beers over the course of the week, rather than carb up over the weekend. Alcohol is good as it raises HDL, but by squeezing it all into just the weekend might be counter-productive.
[i]Is it possible dropping 20 -25 lbs could make that much difference in my cholesterol numbers?[/i]
7) Dropping weight would help both your BP and cholesterol
8) Not sure what your "Non-HDL - 191" represents
9) Low cholesterol is significantly associated with increased all-cause mortality in men across the entire age range, and in women from the age of 50 onward. Low cholesterol shows significant associations with death from cancer, liver diseases, and mental diseases.
[b]My dr. wants to put me on meds. I'm being reluctant.[/b]
It's good that you are reluctant. Once on cholesterol lowering meds, you are on them for life.

Now that we have all that out of the way...
Cholesterol is not the whole picture.
Ask your doctor to check your homocysteine, hs-CRP (high sensitivity C-Reactive Protein) and Lp(a) - Lipoprotein (a). These 3 factors indicate [b]inflammation[/b]. Inflammation is the main risk factor for heart disease. Inflammation causes [b]oxidized LDL[/b] and it's [b]oxidized LDL[/b] that causes all the trouble.

You are exercising, eating healthy foods, stopped smoking... don't mess it all up by taking cholesterol lowering meds. Drugs just cover up the underlying problem(s), and only serve to attain [b]perfect cholesterol levels[/b] but that does not prevent heart attacks and strokes. 50% of all people that have heart attacks and strokes have normal or low cholesterol levels and that's a fact.


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