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Oh yeah, Lipitor is your problem. I have been off it since 2000 after tracing my Neuropathy in both feet and muscle cramps in my legs. The pain has never left me and I spend a lot of time at PT. I rely on COQ10 which can be purchased at Walmart, etc. for the muscle spasms that used to get me out of bed at night. That part has gotten better but the pain in my feet has not. Pins and needles that require a pain med in order to sleep. Had ever test imaginable but shows nothing. It is a sneaky DRUG.

My Cholesterol has been over 300 for 20 years except the 2 years I took that poison. My doctor was really angy at me for refusing anymore STATINS. Recently she ask me to HUMOR her and take a stress test as she was worried about me. I PASSED with flying colors. I am 64 and rarely do they see such clarity she said. SO I personally think that test should be mandatory before putting anyone on statins. She said she would stop worrying now. I have never worried and I told it must be the COQ10 that I take daily. She did not comment but I hope she remembers this everytime someone complains about statins.

I know not one person and I know many as I live in an active retirement community in Florida who has not had pain from them and quit them. I regret the day I ever put the first in my mouth. Within 4 months I could hardly walk and still have problems. No more tennis and long walks for this gal. I would love to see them PAY big time for all the pain and suffering they have caused so many.

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