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[QUOTE=StenoLady1]Hi, JJ :) Happy Sunday to you, as well.

I have both Promise and Smart Balance Light in the fridge. I'm finding I use the new Smart Balance more. It has no t-fat, no cholesterol. It's give five grams total fat per tblspn, but 1.5 saturated :(

I like it because it's made with flax, olive & canola oils to achieve the nice 4:1 ratio of omega 6's to omega 3's.

Smart Balance Light isn't great for baking, however. I still go back to the Promise for that.

As for butter, between olive & canola oils, Promise & Smart Balance, I haven't really found a need for it. Kinda miss it on bread every now and then, but roasted garlic is nice.

I'm curious to see what others are using, too. Nice topic :)


Hi there StenoLady....Well I know a few months ago we had a discussion on here about margine vs. butter, and most thought the butter was better, most due to trans fats not being in it. This afternoon, while waiting for my kitchen floor to dry, I figured I would do some "snooping" on the web.. :D

Most of the sites I saw, did prefer the margarine over the butter, due to high sat. fats in butter, but the only 2 reg. margarines I could find with no trans. were Promise soft tub, and Fleishmans. Seems the stick type is a different story as far as being recommended. I have used the Land O Lakes, Promise and the Fleishmans, depending what was on sale, as we don't use margarine or butter very often anyway, as there is just hubby and I now.

I found it very interesting that my friend had said her dr. told her about the Promise, and also the increase in her HDL, although she seems to been blessed with high HDL anyway, but she feels the Promise helped her even more. We were going to switch to the reg. butter, but now I am not so convinced it is a smart move, even though I have used it before. Hubby does like to have a couple of pieces of toast in the a.m., so am thinking of getting the Promise. Haven't tried any of the new things they have out, so can't make any comparison, and hubby is a definite creature of habit, so sometimes trying to get him to try something new isn't always that easy.

Many on here I know use Take Control, Smart Balance or the Benicol etc. etc., but just wanted some ideas from folks who use just reg. butter or margarine, as to what they use. Yup, we do have some nice discussions on here every so often, and it really gives one some good ideas.

I had never heard of using cinnamon do lower LDL, Trigs. and also for keeping blood sugar levels stable, but Frankie..heart44, had posted about it. 4 months ago I tried the 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. each morning with my oatmeal, sometimes I even just put it on a spoon and eat it, and I also started drinking green tea. Don't know if it was a fluke or what, but my TC went from 239 to 198 and my LDL went from 161 to 126. To say the least I was shocked, so I'm still wondering if they sent the wrong results to my dr. and some poor soul is wondering why their cholesterol is high.... :D Oh well, we will see what happens next time, but it got hubby to start taking it, as he has type 2 diabetes, so hopefully it will help. Oh the things we go thru just to keep these drs. off our backs about numbers huh? We have tried statins, and they didn't agree with either of us, so we do the best we can with diet, exercise and any other lil thing that might help.

Hope U have a great rest of the day, sun is going down here, but it still is like a nice summer day, with NO humidty, but I know soon enough we will be crabbing about the snow, ice and freezing temps. Take care, and TTYL.. :wave:

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