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Brendap, I took 10 mg of Lipitor for a few years and it did a great job of lowering the cholesterol and like you I wanted to save some money so asked to be switched to Lovastatin. Lovastatin is the generic of another older statin I think Me****r (sp?). I was told I would have to start at 20mg since it didn't come in 10mg. It is not as strong as Lipitor but nevertheless I had some terrible side effects with Lovastatin, more then Lipitor. Constipation like you wouldn't believe and that led to bloody stools and a colonoscapy. I had trouble sleeping, hair loss, muscle inflammation and worse yet stomach pain that didn't stop til I quit taking the pills. Never again will I put myself through all the agony. That is not improving your health when all this is happening to you daily. I am now going the natural way as best I can. When I told my doctor I was going to use food as my medicine and also take flush-free Niacin and I thought I'd get an argument from him but rather he said fine and told me they used Niacin for years with good results and even now he is starting several people every week on Niacin rather then statins. I hope this all works for me because boy do I feel better. Being a women and over 60 I have read a lot of test that say women who lower their cholesterol open themselves up to cancer and a whole host of problems. Nursing home research has shown that the women who live to very old ages had high cholesterol and the ones that had low died. Like Hubble, JJ and others here I believe it is inflammation rather then cholesterol that is the problem. :)

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