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Re: Calcium test?
Oct 14, 2005
Thanks, JJ and Lenin. I think I am grasping at anything to determine what is going on inside my husband's arteries. As you may remember my husband had to stop Lipitor after being on it for 8 years because the muscle pain in his hip and legs were reaching the point he could barely function. The good news is that after six months that pain is now subsided to an occasional ache or dull pain. He has even started some light jogging. The bad news is I have run the gamut of various natural cholesterol-lowering cures to no avail. Oatmeal, fish oil, mild thistle, lechithin, plant stenols, cinnamon, tumeric, etc.

We have a home kit that we use mainly to measure total cholesterol variations. Today it was the one of the highest ever at 274 while nine days ago it was 240. The lowest it has been was 230 in July. The only variation we made in the nine-day period was stopping a daily dose of poliosancol and beta sitosterol because my husband felt his leg and hip pain returning, something that happened the last time I tried to add these two supplements a few months ago. He eats a healthy diet, has a beer and a glass of wine each day and is physically active on his job although he can't jog for any length of time. There is an added stress with his father having Alhzeimer's and for a while he was getting calls from the nursing home almost daily about problems they were having with him. We had to move him to another unit out of town at the beginning of the month, but that situation has settled down now.

Sorry, I just felt like unloading this morning. It is so discouraging and statins are not an option. He has low blood pressure, no diabetic tendencies so I was thinking that if I could actually determine the health of his arteries I would not worry so much. Thanks for your information and advice.


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