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Your numbers are clearly too high - stay on the Lipitor...

My advice would be to also cut-back on saturated fats, avoid trans-fats at all costs (any food with 'hydrogenated' or 'partially-hydrogenated' in the ingredient list), and limit the white starchy foods (potatoes, bread, white rice), and keep sugar to an absolute minimum. Consume alcohol in moderation - but a glass of red wine a day may actually help your cholesterol levels.

Eat more foods high in fiber, and low on the glycemic index. Avoid foods containing cholesterol.

However, your doctor is right - for many high cholesterol is hereditary and may be hard to manage with diet and excercise alone.

Some supplements to consider:

CoQ10 - 100mg/day. This may prevent any problems with muscle-pain or weakness while on statins.

Vitamin-C (1000-2000mg/day) to avoid LDL from becoming oxidized, since oxidized LDL is most drawn into plaques.

Folic Acid - 800mcg/day - to reduce homocystein levels, a marker for inflammation. I'm of the school that believes that chronic low-level inflammation and the resulting inflammatory response are more important that cholesterol levels...

A baby aspirin a day - to further reduce inflammation, and to also thin the blood.

Cholestoff - this is a plant sterol/stanol product that works well if you take 2 tablets 1/2 hour before a fatty meal... It helps prevent absorption of cholesterol in the intestines from the foods you eat.

Your triglycerides are a little high - keeping your weight in check, and reducing your intake of carbohydrates will help lower them. They are easier to manage with diet than cholesterol.

Sweetlover - I noticed you are taking Tricor for triglycerides. If you are also taking a statin, be very careful to notice any symtpoms of sudden, unexplained and chronic muscle pain or weakness. The chances of this side-effect are magnified greatly when the 2 drugs are combined. I know this because I was on both, and within 2 months my arm muscles hurt so much that I could barely lift anything. I had profound weakness and exercise intolerance also. I started taking 100mg CoQ10 and stopped the drugs - but it took over a year for me to really recover.


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