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[QUOTE=sweetslover]My triglycerides are 308. [/QUOTE]Lets back up a bit. Did you fast for 10-12 hours before that blood test? What did you eat the last day before your blood test? Many high carb foods, by chance? Have you had high triglycerides in previous blood tests, also, or was this a one-time thing? It could be that your starting point is not nearly as bad as you think.

Looking back over my records from the past twenty-some years, I see my trigs were 111 and 214 just a couple of years apart. And both of those were fasting blood tests before I was on any medications or supplements that would likely have influenced results. The only real difference in one being almost double the other would have been what I ate, likely the previous few days, and especially that last dinner the evening before the test. Your results could have been similarly influenced.

I'm a near-vegetarian myself, eating an average of only about one to two ounces of meat or fish daily. My trigs last time (in July) were 124. My previous three tests showed trigs of 83, 87, and 68. I was eating a little more meat then, perhaps an average of two to four ounces a day. But I eat primarily the lower glycemic index carbs and do include a fair amount of non-fat dairy in my diet, as well as about one egg a day. And what little meat I eat is almost always skinless chicken or turkey (usually in a casserole, on a salad, or in soup) or canned tuna. I've been on niacin during the period all of the tests mentioned in this paragraph were taken, which would have lowered my trigs somewhat. But it certainly leads me to believe that with the Tricor, you should be able to eat a near-vegetarian diet and still get your trigs down adequately if you choose your carbs wisely.

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