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Hi mghealth,

I have been on an OTC sustained-release niacin, Enduracin, for about two years. Presumably some of the OTC niacins are riskier for liver enzymes than the other forms, but I've had no problems at all. My last AST and ALT results were 22 and 17 respectively, changed only one point each since before I started the niacin. I had minor flushing the first week and no other side effects.

Actually, I've been off the niacin and all other meds and supplements for about six weeks while the doc and I try to sort out some intestinal problems I've been having, but as soon as I get this problem solved, I expect I'll go back on the Enduracin again. I was taking 750 mg daily in a divided dose with meals.

You might also want to increase the soluble fiber in your diet if you haven't had a high fiber diet. Legumes, oat bran, plums, apricots are good. Even psyllium (like Metamucil).

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