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Re: Low HDL
Nov 4, 2005
Yes, that is a low HDL. It should be at least 40 and higher is better. Many people can increase HDL by increasing exercise, by decreasing sugar in the diet, or by drinking up to one glass of red wine daily (for women and small men) or up to two glasses daily (for larger men). You aren't allowed to "save up" for a weekend binge, either. :D

Your triglycerides are also high. They should be under 150. To lower trigs, eat less sugar and white potatoes, white pasta, white rice, white bread, etc. It is better to get your carbohydrates in whole grains and in legumes. Also lower your fat intake, especially saturated fats and trans fats. Trigs can be easily lowered and yours aren't that much too high, so you shouldn't have any trouble with making this change at all.

And, like the doctor said, eat more vegetables. The more of them you eat, the less of the bad things you are likely to eat. They are good for blood pressure, too, if you happen to have a problem with that.

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