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[QUOTE=momcat1]Most recent bloodwork last month showed TC=230, HDL=38, LDL=151, TRI=204. Oct 2004 showed TC=222, HDL=38, LDL=142, TRI=210, May 2001 showed TC=215, HDL=44, LDL=147, TRI=118. I also have a Home Cholesterol test machine that only measures TC. I have been self testing on my way to having bloodwork, and it always reads within 2 points of what the lab does. This weekend I took another test (always same time of day), and got TC=285, which really scared me, cause I've been careful of diet for so long I don't know how not to. This was the day before the he started me on Lipitor 20mg, every other day. Until starting the Lipitor, I was faithfully taking Niacin 250mg, Policosanol 20 mg (sugar cane), and cholestatin 650 mg. All of these were taken at night, so as not interfere with my day.
He told me that after careful analysis, the only reason he could come up with was genetics. He said I cannot have TC over 160, because of the new guidelines. I wonder where they actually got the information from to make that decision! I have to tell you that after taking 2 doses of the Lipitor, these hot flashes and threatening migraines better go away, or I will not continue taking it. I've already had my share of these problems, and can't afford any more. Keep in mind that when the migraines go full blown, you're risking stroke. For the rest of this week, I will continue the Lipitor, but I am very carefully watching what happens in the meantime. I cannot afford to be even a little bit mentally or physically challeged, since I work a high level tech job, and have to run the household, since my husband's narcolepsy has stolen a lot of his mental acuity. The kids are far away, serving our country. I don't have the resources to lean on someone else, nor do I want to. I am way too young for this![/QUOTE]


You certainly sound like you have your share of worries... I wish I could offer a silver-bullet for your cholesterol results, or something to ease your mind...

My last test showed results similar to your 'last month' numbers... I tend not to get worked up about it though, because I don't really buy into the theory that high-cholesterol is a major heart-disease risk. I am much more concerned with controlling low-level inflammation (with Folic Acid. low-dose aspirin) and preventing LDL from oxidizing (with Vit E, C) and with raising my HDL.

I don't know why your doctor insists on your TC being < 160 - are you sure he wasn't referring to keeping your LDL < 160? I thought the new guidelines call for TC to be < 200 (the new 'desireable' range). TC of 200-239 is now called 'borderline high'. Do you have other CHD risk factors? A sibling or parent with history of CHD? Diagnosed CHD for yourself?

I can sympathize with your concerns and stress level - what with your husband's health problems and being the head of the household, and the migraines.... I also have a high-level tech job - and I understand the stresses it entails. My wife has migraines also - she's been put on 2 different meds by a neurologist - neither has solved the problem... I haven't heard of statins causing migraines - which is what you seem to indicate your experience has been. It sounds logical to me that it could though, since it plays with our cholesterol level and the brain is largely cholesterol. By the way, I hope that your children are safe, since you mentioned that they are serving our country - that's probably another huge worry... I for one am hugely grateful to those in the military - they are putting their lives on the line protecting the freedoms that we all take for granted. I pray that they all come home safe and sound.

You probably have a genetic makeup such that no matter what you do via lifestyle changes you will not get your cholesterol to the level your doctor is advising... You probably will have to be on a statin or some other cholesterol med like Vytorin or Zetia... you're going to have to find one that works for you without serious side-effects...

As far as 250mg niacin goes, I don't think that will help anything at all. Most of the advice I've seen on Niacin calls for 1000mg/day OR MORE before it translates into any significant reduction in cholesterol.

Also, with the Cholestatin, I don't think you take it at night - I think you take it before a meal to reduce the absorption of cholesterol in your meal by your body. I use a similar product called 'Cholest Off' - like Cholestatin it is a blend of plant sterols/stanols. They suggest taking it 15-30 minutes before each meal so it can help prevent absorption of dietary cholesterol... I take it before a 'fatty' meal...

Sorry the Policicosanol hasn't helped you.

I think this all points out that we are all different - and what works for one person may not for another.... It's frustrating...

My advice is that if you not get too worked up about any single blood test result - but look at the average of several readings. I don't consider your cholesterol levels to be too high... I do think your HDL is too low (like mine), and that your TRIGs fluctuate a bit from one reading to another...

Since you seem concerned about your cholesterol numbers being too high, I suggest that you work with your doctor to find a med that you can tolerate.. It may be you have to try something other than Lipitor.

While on the meds, I'd completely stop the niacin and policosanol. And I'd take 30mg CoQ10 with the med (especially if it's a statin).

Best wishes


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