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[QUOTE=momcat1]Hubble, It ain't easy. I have been on ultra low carbs, fat free, low cholesterol , no alcohol, for twenty years. I exercise regularly at the gym, haven't been able to lose any weight, triglycerides and choleserol keep climbing, and have been yearly tested for both diabetes and hypothroidism. None of these are applicable. I am at this point getting pretty desperate. Got anything else in your bag of tricks? I don't mean to criticise, I'm looking for something that will really help.[/QUOTE]


I can sympathize - lifestyle changes work better in some than in others. I've tried, and I can't budge my HDL much no matter what I do. Sometimes genetics trump lifestyle changes...

Only other suggestions I have are

a) try niacin - several on this site have had good results with a prescription slow-release form called Niaspan. I'm using a slow-release version (inositol hexanicotinate) but hadn't been on it long enough at my last blood test to notice a big improvement in triglycerides. The immediate release versions can cause a flushing that many cannot tolerate.

b) cut back on caffeine - it has been shown to raise triglycerides

b) If lifestyle changes or supplements fail, try one of the fibrate drugs (Lopid or Tricor), just be careful about side-effects, and do not combine it with a statin - this can significantly increase the risk of muscular problems.

In the above, I am assuming that you are primarily concerned about your triglyceride level.

If not, you can significantly lower your LDL with Policosanol (made from SUGAR CANE, not beeswax or rice), or with one of the statins - just be watchful for side effects.
Best of luck,


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