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My GUESS is that with triglycerides over 400, even the MEASURED LDL has not much meaning. Certainly none that is correlatable with the ranges cited in guidelines established for people with lower triglycerides and calculated LDL.

The "calculated LDL" is sort of a generality that is more or less "non-HDL lipoproteins" and includes a broad spectrum of lipoproteins sizes including many levels of IDL's and VLDL's up to but not including particles that STILL have some cholesterol but HUGE amounts of fat...chylomicrons.(Fasting tries to elimiinate these from consideration.)

But I wouldn't give much weight to ANY LDL that is reported for a person with sky high triglycerides. Treatment should probably geared to reducing them alone. I would discount the meaning of the LDL of 107 completely.

I think defining an LDL with any degree of precision, even one that is "measured," is yet to be done with any standardization, thus no rush to abandon the "calculated LDL" method...the stuff left behind when other stuff is analyzed...a catch-all if you will.

Some of the new very pricey spectrometer tests that give LDL1, LDL2, LDL3 and LDL4...and probably higher are slowly creeping in but they will be slow in being accepted because they cost PLENTY and call for expert interpretation.

I babbled on...'scuse! :D Just musing.[/QUOTE]

Thanx for the answer Lenin, like I said, it just didn't make any sense to me, but hey, what do I know........ :D

Hubby has always had very high Trigs, and has been on just about every drug out there and they still don't help. Of course with him being diabetic, that doesn't help either, plus he WAS a wicked bread eater until recently. I finally have him convinced to eat much less things with starch in it, and he is now doing the oatmeal, cinnamon and extra vitamin C, so we will see in Jan. if this helps. His TC has always been quite good, his HDL low, usually between 32-36, and of course the Trigs WAY too high. Only twice since 1994 have we seen his Trigs. below 300, so we are giving it a go with the diet routine to see if it helps. He has been on Lipitor, a few other statins and even Niaspan, no help at all. He had a nasty reaction to all the meds, so he will not take anything anymore, so we are giving the diet thing a go, and making him be more strict with it.

They make ya crazy with all these numbers and things they throw at ya, but at least so far he feels well and seems to have all his other bloodwork come back fine, so that is a good sign. Hopefully we can get those Trigs down next time, and then I will be a happy camper. His Mibi test last Jan showed everything very good, and I love his dr., he is extremely thorough and I know if there was a problem, he would be right on it, plus he explains anything U ask to you in plain English so U understand.

U take care, have a great day, and stay warm. Ole man winter sure is trying to make a big entrance, was 22 when I went to bed last night...YIKES. Even though we know it is coming, we just don't like it.

Best wishes....... :wave:

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