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There is NO ultrasound test with sufficient resolution to tell you ANYTHING about the condition of your coronary arteries. Your saving grance is that you have a decently high HDL (56.)

Your ALT may or may not be indicative of a liver problem with Lipitor:

Do you have any OLD liver function tests, from before Lipitor in which you can look up your baseline ALT (formerly called SGPT.) WHat kind of number do you get NOW without the Lipitor?

From the Oklahoma Blood Institute:

If you've ruled out the other causes of higher than normal ALT and get repeatable results, you will have to discontinue the Lipitor. BUT you will need to find some way to lower your total cholesterol. Resist the normal human instinct to say "Since my results are bad, I'll assume they don't matter"...they do, whether we'd like to THINK they do or not.

What does your doctor say about your ALT level? Have you ever had hepatitis A, B or especially C? If you;ve never been tested for antibodies to them, do so at your next doctor's visit. Are you a heavy drinker? Do you frequently take Tylenol (acetamenophen?)[/QUOTE]

Thanks for your input.

I have to first disagree with you about the Ultrasound.
The Ultrasound which I had, had Doppler technology which puts different colors on different substances in your blood stream, which in turn makes it [B]very[/B] accurate.
Here is the company that took the test...

Now here are my test results [B]without[/B] the medication:
Liver: AST 37, ALT 54
Lipids: Cholesterol 262, Triglycerides 146, HDL 55, LDL 178
and Cholesterol/HDL Ratio 4.8.

[B]With[/B] medication:
Cholesterol: 205, LDL 111, HDL 45, Tri's 270 HDL ratio 4.65
Liver: ALT [B]85[/B], AST55.

My I also add that I do not have [B]any[/B] history of Coronary disease in my family.
I am not an Alcoholic.
I take Ibuprofen, not Tylenol.
And have been tested for every antibody and hepatitis and all tests have been negative.
Also the liver specialist said that I had a fatty liver, well when I went to go have my liver x-rayed, the technician said that he himself could not see any fat.

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