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When I had my first cholesterol screening test in the very early 70's as I recall when even HDL and LDL or triglycerides weren't really made anything of, I was in the upper 230's and I believe I was told that was a bit high, 200 is healthier. In the last 35 years, things haven't really changed THAT much with regards this number. Of course, much more STRINGLENT limits are now put on people with heart problems or several risk factors for developing it in the future.

On inflammation and arterial damage: Yep, it;s important that CHILDREN are protected to the fullest exent from this possible initiating factor for arterial disease but for the majority of the population whose plaque buildup is WELL underway, stopping further buildup seems the logical way to go. Since autopsy has shown these plaques to be composed mostly of mixtures of saturated glycerides and cholesterol, it is reasonably clear that lowering these blood components to a sensible level is the correct approach.

It takes LOTS of meat eating for years and years to get cholesterol levels like those "enjoyed" by the average U.S. resident. THe process takes time and it was the generation AFTER the depression and AFTER World War 2 that began "eating like pigs." There's no way to UNinitiate the arterial disease process and all these later generations can do is to seek measures to control the rate of arterial destruction.
Statin drugs are the second best way to do that...first best is a diet of 10% fat!

LOWER cholesterol is better and we must each make his own decision how low is best for us. I am convinced that since the day of my birth the levels of cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides have been steadily climbing in the Unioted States day by day, year in and year out. Everyone should watch SUPERSIZE ME to see just how fast deteriorating health can happen on a Henry VIII type diet...albeit at McFastFood. ANYTHING that lowers blood lipids appreciably will lower the incidence of heart disease caused by coronary artery occlusion. Just choose the level and the method you want to go for.

For those who say, cholesterol and blood fat is "necessary"...or my favorite "is needed to build cell walls" and thus has no effect on heart disease, or those that say a 70% fat diet with 10% carbohydrates is a good way to eat becaue it causes weight loss for some, all I can say is...well, actually, there's NOTHING to say!

I think the current levels stated in the recent guidlines are sensible if a bit on the harsh end. But then if the MARK is set almost out of reach, even getting close is doing VERY WELL. If somebody tries for an LDL below 100 and reaches 110 (or aims for 80 and hits 90) he's doing a lot better than someone who tries for 130 and gets 150. It's not win or lose, it's how closely you "play the game."

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