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[QUOTE=JJ]Uff, have they figured out what is causing your intestinal problems?[/QUOTE]No, my PCP ran a bunch of tests. The only thing she found and we corrected was the intestinal yeast infection, but that didn't solve the whole problem. I've at least had a few days of normality since I started this food testing program and have limited my foods to just a few. But one day I forgot to take my Lact-Aid with my ranch dressing, and a couple of days I added something to my diet which I believe I can no longer tolerate (a whole glass of milk and a serving of corn). So it was back to problems a few days longer. I've scheduled an appointment with a gastroenterologist for December 6 and have a likely colonoscopy ahead of me for December 22 or 23, since I've never had one and there is the possibility that IBS or something could be part of the picture. At age 64, I guess I'll finally cave to my doc's recommendation to have one.

Back to the holiday menu. In recent years, I have made a couple of salads, one a veggie salad and one a cranberry gelatin salad (with fruit juice and unflavored gelatin, not the commercial packages). And I never used whipped toppings. I'd just eat more of the salads and small servings of the fatty things, so the total fat content of my meal wasn't that much greater than a normal meal.

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