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[QUOTE=troublex2]i am 26 years old and have been diagnosed with high cholesterol.i had it once when i was young but it went away.i have been put on crestor because my doctor took a test in august and then again this month and it just got total cholesterol is over 200,not sure exactly.but the "bad" level is 172 and the "good" level is 40.i am not sure of the rest.i need to know exactly what foods i shouldnt and should eat.i am not good at reading labels.should i stay away from saturated and trans fat ,i am not over weight.should i not eat any food that contains cholesterol?can i eat any food at a fast food place?i am having a hard time figuring out what foods i can eat.can someone give me a list of foods i can and can not eat?thank you.are then any vitamins that are good to take?[/QUOTE]

There really isn't a list of certain foods to eat, but DEFINITELY stay away from Trans. fats and fast food places. Add more veggies and fruit to your diet and also do a web search for LOW Glycemic foods, cause even some fruits and veggies are higher on the glycemic index. It's a bit hard to go by labels on foods, it makes ya nuts after awhile. If you cook with oils, or have them on salads, your best bet is olive oil, stay away from those rich dressings U buy in stores, cut back on eggs, but don't give them up totally, as they are good for your good cholesterol, your HDL!!! Stay away from pre packaged foods, they contain alot of hidden stuff in them.

Try eating oatmeal a few days a week, add about a 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon to your diet each day, just the regular stuff U have from your spice rack, just make sure it is fresh. If U can't remember how old your's is, go buy any jar of it in the groc. store, it is pretty cheap. Read some of the posts on here, many folks have suggested some good ideas of things to help with cholesterol,and I'm sure others will post what worked for them. There are many suppliments U can take, but U also don't want to take too many, especiall at the same time, then U won't know what is working and what isn't. If U don't take vitamin C, get a bottle of 500 mgs and take one in the a.m. and one after supper, it helps with the oxidation of your cholesterol.

Hope this helped some, and like I said, read as many posts as possible, the folks here are quite helpful. Best wishes...... :wave:

BTW, your best veggies are green things, as corn and even carrots, seem to contain more sugar then green leafy things. Also go easy on white bread, potatoes, pasta and alot of those starchy food. Switch to whole wheat bread, and even brown rice.

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