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Moxie, that is an interesting article, but something caught my eye, the part that said that people with "NORMAL" cholesterol had the highest progression of Alzheimer's. Doesn't that say to us that it is not the cholesterol but rather something else causing the raise in Alzheimer's? Perhaps the statin's are working in another area other then cholesterol. I would rather try something natural before I take such a strong medication with such devastating side effects. If you want to read something interesting type in "Turmeric to fight Alzheimer's" and it will surprise you. Turmeric (Curcumin) is a spice in curry. The people in India use it liberally and they have the least amount of Alzheimer's. Tests done in many prestigious institutes incl. Dept. of Medicine and neurology Univ. of Calf, Greater Los Angeles Vet. Affairs Health care System, Geriatic Research and many more have come to believe that low doses of Turmeric ( Curcium) spice as a preventive and treatment of Alzheimer's. Here is why, the spice in small amounts has the ability to inhibit and even reduce existing Beta-Amyloid protein in the brain, which is the cause of Alzheimer's. It also inhibits the lesions in arteries too. I think I want to eat my medicine in the form of good spicy food rather then pad the pockets of the drug lords.

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