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[QUOTE=Lenin]mg health,

I was just answering how gohomekidd can get HIS (or her) HDL up.

For myself, I have taken my last niacin and I usually teetotal...but both work on HDL.
Unfortunately I flush very badly from niacin and the fluch I had last week on a total of 250 mg. divided into 2 doses an hour apart scared me too bad. It was the first time I ever went beet red head to toe an ugly blood red rash. It felt like I had been stuck by hundreds of pins and needed to scratch everywhere to an inch below my skin.

If I could drink 3 "drinks" a day...1.5 ounces of pure ethyl alcohol (12 ounces of wine) every day, I'd sconsidere that almost teetotalling and I'd never have a problem with HDL below 55....but alas, for me a "drink" is a Liter of wine and I can only risk drinking a couple "vacations" a year...maybe 30 days total.

During the long non-drinking spells, all I cvan manage is a bare 36-38 HDL, niacin can get it above 40 but no more. I can't flirt with rosacea and it runs in my family so constant flushing is just too risky.

No, I haven't had an irregular liver enzyme reading since 1973 and a horrible bout of Hepatitis A. Amazing, since I've also taken Lipitor for 7 years too.[/QUOTE]

If my diet and exercise approach don't work, I will start taking Niaspan (free with my insurance). I tried instant-release Niacin a few weeks ago, just to see what would happen (250mg), and got a typical flush: lots of itching on my arms, head and chest, redness all over my arms and chest, feeling warm, etc. It was much like your experience. I didn't think it was too bad of an experience though.

I would not attempt to try an increased daily alcohol intake approach as my triglycerides are high and alcohol causing spikes in triglycerides.

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