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[QUOTE=whackedback]AMA stnads for "against medical advice." [/QUOTE]Oh, my doctor wrote something like that in my record a couple of visits ago when I balked at trying to reduce my cholesterol to as low a level as she wanted. They do that so they have evidence they warned the person, in case the individual goes on to have problems and he or a family member sues the doctor for malpractice.

I don't worry about it. I take responsibility for my own medical decisions, and if there is a flag in my record, so what? The doctors feel they need to give advice on the basis of the cholesterol guidelines. But I've been reading the book "Overdo$ed America" by John Abramson, MD. It is bad enough that five of the fourteen members of the group, including the chair, that wrote the guidelines had financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry, but the summary of the guidelines, which the doctors usually read, present a very biased view of what is in the total 284 page report, which few of them will likely to have time to read. In addition, the references the report lists to support a position in many cases don't support it at all if one goes back to read the original studies. And how many doctors would have time to go back and check that out? So much for evidence-based medicine.

[COLOR=DarkRed][I]Edited to add:[/I] So all in all, I simply don't believe that the doctors who are going by the guidelines are going by the best available scientific evidence for those of us who have only mildly elevated BP and do not have existing heart disease. I especially don't see the evidence there for treating to such low numbers for women and for those over age 65. My doc gave me a printout of charts from the TNT study which showed benefits of treating to lower numbers. I went home and looked up the study. Patients included in the study had clinical evidence of stable heart disease. (Sorry, that doesn't apply to me.) Though there were fewer cardiac events among the group treated to lower levels, there was no statistical difference in cardiovascular deaths or deaths from other causes.[/COLOR]

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