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If you had muscle pains from Lipitor, then I would be very careful if taking Crestor - since it has the highest incidence of muscular problems and rhabdomyolisis of all the statins - it is very potent. I developed bad muscle pains from Lipitor also (after 7 1/2 years my doctor combined Tricor with it, and that combination caused a lot of problems for me). I personally would not try Crestor because of my prior history. I would consider Zetia or Whelchol, perhas Vytorin (which contains a low dose of statin) if the Policosanol I am currently taking does not control my cholesterol to my satisfaction.

Have you tried Zetia or Whelchol? They are not statins, and they do a good job of lowering LDL... However, 219 does not sound high, but then we need to see the other numbers, and to know if you have other risk factors (overweight, diabetes, smoker...)

If you were to take Crestor, please urge your doctor to start you on a low dose, and definitely take CoQ10 along with it (Q-Gel is a good brand)...


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