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Re: Need advice?
Dec 5, 2005
[QUOTE=Moxie75]I'm not sure what I should do this Zetia sucks canal water. I feel stoned on this stuff. I am working on year end at work and an 11i implementaion of Oracle finance module (sorry if I make no sence). I really need to be at the top of my game. Anyway I cannot continue on like this. Should I stop taking this stuff and then what? I have tried so many different meds and I cannot do statins. I eat the right stuff and excercise like a work horse. Is my cholesterol that bad? 245 HDL 66 LDL 166 and Trigs 87. I do not take Omeag 3s maybe I need to start those up again? it's just I take so many supplements it's annoying. What are all of your thoughts on this? Is it the BP meds rasing my cholesterol because I never had a prob with cholesterol until these meds?

Thanks, Lisa[/QUOTE]
Lisa, I hear ya, I know you feel you are at the end of the rope but hang on. I took statins also and had more problems with the medication then help so stopped. I knew I would have to be responsible for myself and so did a lot of research and my health plan changes as I get more info. You probably read the post about Vit. C reducing CRP by 24 %, thats where you start to think about the simple things that make big changes. You do a lot with your diet that is healthy, you ex cerise, you take vitamins, you sound like a gal that is really into healthy living. I see you take a lot of JJ's suggestions of cinnamon and green tea and they are very good. Early in some posts we talked about the Spice Turmeric and how it reduces inflammation in the body, so much so that it is considered the Vioxx of the natural foods only with no side effects. But it reduces inflammation and so does Fish oil. Well anyway here is what I think " I will do the simple things like take the turmeric caps and the cinnamon in my coffee and my one a day with policosinol and my 1000mgs of no flush niacin and my 3000mgs of fish oil and finally the 3 or 4000mgs of Vit C and call it a day" You did not say which BP medication you are taking. I had to be on one and it left me with side effects too so I asked to be put on Hydrochlorothiazide a water pill and it works and does not have so many side effects. I learned that from the book "Good pills, Bad Pills". Best of luck to you and your quest for good health. :wave:

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