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[QUOTE=Lenin]Yesterday I took two SLO-NIACIN for a total of 1000 mg. Absolutely NO problems except a quick back spasm but that was due to my using a gym machine that I've foremerly given wide berth to...the dreaded ELLIPTICAL INQUISITION TORTURE MACHINE:bouncing: !
About 4 hours after that workout, my buttocks felt like they were on fire...and then, I bent into the closet and WHAMMO. I stopped everything and took 2 SOMA'S (carisoprodyl) and went to bed. I'm walking on eggs this morning and used my SUPER vibrator (200 horsepower I think ;) ), no pain.

Anyhoo, I moved my appointment to the 19th to more fully see the effect of the niacin after 14 days on niacin.

I just can't decide whether to take 1000 mg. a day or 500 mg. What would you guys do? (I take10 mg. Lipitor and have superb numbers except for low HDL

Next order of business is to run back to the Wall Street area and see if I can find anymore in the bargain $2.99 per 100 these are far cheaper than those in either Puritan or Vitamin Shoppe's catalogue. The are made by UPSHER-SMITH????[/QUOTE]


I take "NIACOR" also made by UPSHER-SMITH. NIACOR is the only prescription
immediate release formula. I think 1000mg a day is OK. I also started with between 500 and 1000mg before seeing my doctor. I was worried because I was also taking a statin (10 mg of pravachol). My doctor said it was fine but he just needed to monitor my liver enzymes several times a year. My HDL went up about 5 points and my TRIGS came down about 100 pts. on that dosage. The SLO niacin lowers total and LDL better than Immediate niacin. I think you should wait at least 30 days to check your blood. I am currently taking 3000 mg a day and my cholesterol numbers did not improve too much versus 1000 - 1500 mg a day. On my last blood test last week my TOTAL chol. was 240
trigs 230
HDL 46

In August my numbers were Total 206
Trigs 210
HDL 46

NOTE: HDL has remained very stable. (I think Niacin does this)

My last blood test was after Thanksgiving, and an Italian cold cut sub-sandwich 2 days before at a party. Also five pound heavier than last year.
As some on this board have mentioned they choose not to go get bloods after a holiday. My sister almost fasts for one week before her blood tests. I think it is sometimes best to go at random to better gauge our eating habits.
If I wanted to cheat on my true numbers and eat anything in sight, I could easily take "CRESTOR" for almost 0 cholesterol and the hell with my kidneys,
liver and muscles. This is why I prefer Niacin, and a low dose statin. My numbers are not great but I feel alot better.

My doctor wants to up my pravachol to 20mg a day. (It never ends)

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