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[QUOTE=Lenin]I was museuming (Guggenheim) and junk shopping in Manhattan today, and I picked up something in a bin which I just tried: SLO NIACIN which is polygel controlled release niacin...500 mg.
Though I swore NEVER to take niacin again, I've never tried anything time release.
I was GOING to take a full 500 mg. tablet but read the back and they said "may be split along the scored line but not crushed or cut in a pill spiltter." (I guess that beaks the "polygels?")
So I took the 1/2 pill on a VERY full stomach...all you can eat SUSHI-TEMPURA lunch. I ate MORE than I can eat!:D:D
If I don't die from the pill I'll try the 500 tomorrow.

I'm seeing GP next week and will have my blood lipids run to see the immediate effect of this stuff on my HDL. Since I'm drinking NO alcohol til Xmas since November 15th, any increase should be attributable solely to the niacin.

God, I hope I don't have a major death-flush![/QUOTE]

Hi Lenin,

NIASPAN is a prescription form of NIACIN which has been researched and shown great results with almost no liver toxicity. This Niacin blend is an Extended Release form. Apparently, it is much safer than the Slow Release form. The Immediate Release form is the safest, Most liver dysfunction has been tied to the Slow Release forms at higher doses (possibly > 2500 mg a day) or switching from Immediate release to Slow Release at the same dosage. (Immediate release is extremely safe up to about 6,000 mg a day)
The Extended form (NIASPAN) falls between the Immediate and the Slow formula.

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