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[QUOTE=JJ]Seems each time they make a new one, it is stronger then the older ones. Like I said, a friend of mine has been on Lipitor for years, even up to 80 mgs., but yet they can't get her numbers down. Her TC runs close to 300 and yet the drugs only bring them down to about 250. They tried her on Crestor, which even she couldn't take, so now she is on Vytorin, and yet her numbers are still not down to a decent level.

2 years ago she got very upset so she asked the dr. to do a cath on her, and it came up clean as can be. I told her I think she is just getting obsessed with having her numbers low. She claims she has no side effects, yet she has developed PN, and she is not diabetic, plus she is always complaining of forgetting things, and having major mood swings and no energy, and no, she is not over weight. I don't argue with her, as she thinks her dr. is always right, so who knows, maybe she just doesn't do anything to change her diet, as I don't think anyone on a statin of any kind would not get their numbers lowered. Oh well, I just shut my mouth and keep the peace!!![/QUOTE]

I think that statins are a fad which will eventually be phased out once the medical profession finally comes to the realization that their efforts to eradicate atherosclerosis through the use of cholesterol-lowering drugs are futile, and may even be doing more long-term harm than good.

As far as your friend is concerned, I don't understand why she even continues to take these drugs. Obviously she is having problems with them, whether she admits it or not. She has undergone a catheterization, and has passed with flying colors, regardless of the fact that her cholesterol has always been in the 250-300 range. So it's obvious to me that she doesn't need to be taking these drugs. For what reason?

I think I know the type of person your friend is, because I work with someone who I believe is a lot like her. He takes Lipitor, is way overweight, and is constantly running to the doctor for one thing or another. I would like to be able to have a sensible conversation with him about things that he can do to help himself, including supplements which can prove helpful, but he is another one who puts all his faith in doctors and whatever drugs they shove in front of him. I know he doesn't believe in any supplements, and that it's all a lot of quackery, so I don't even bother to waste my time discussing it with him. One time I gave him some information concerning statins and CoQ10 depletion, but I'm sure he must have just glanced at it before tossing it in the garbage, and he never did mention one word about it to me. He's not the type of person who will think for himself, and try to help himself. He's very narrow-minded, and believes only in the drugs his doctor tells him to take.

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