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Like Lisa said, the red yeast rice is low dose lovastatin, a very weak statin. Often the weaker statins in small doses are easier to handle.
Does it do the job, though?

I don't like the idea of RYR because it is totally unregulated and thus the pills can have any amount or indeed NO lovastatin in them without running afoul of the law! I wouldn't trust GMC or Vitamin Shoppe to be my pharmacy. Lovastatin is available in a 10 or 20 milligram pill for a dollar a piece ($.50 if you spilt the 20's...$.25 if you quarter them.) and then you KNOW how much lovastatin you're taking.

Has anyone seen any data on HOW MUCH lovastatin is contained in the typical RYR daily dosage? I'd be curious to compare costs.

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