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[QUOTE=teleman]I am taking lovastatin and have noticed that my arm muscles especially are losing strength.I am 63 and have only noticed this for about 6 months now.Can someone help me find info on this?Thank you.[/QUOTE]
Amongst the minority that do experience side effects from statins, muscle weekness and pain is one of them.

[quote]Although statin drugs can have adverse effects on muscles and the liver, these effects are uncommon. Caution is warranted in patients at higher risk, ie, those who are elderly, frail, or small; have multisystem disease; are receiving immunosuppressive drugs or other medications that interact with statins; or are receiving higher doses of a statin. [img][/img][/quote]

What you're [i]probably[/i] experiencing is called myositis, a type of myopathy:

[quote]Significant myopathy is rare with an incidence of less than 0.5% of patients. ... As most individuals on statins are 'high-risk' patients, they tend to be on multiple agents for cardiovascular disease which may interact with their statin. Progression of myalgia or myositis to rhabdomyolysis is rare (one in 30-100 000 patient-years of exposure), [b]but if progressive muscle symptoms are ignored then fatalities can occur[/b]. When prescribing statins, physicians should be alert to potential risks and educate patients to report any potentially significant symptoms.

I would suggest [u]immediately[/u] discontinuing use of your statin. But, as always, don't take my word for it - consult with your doctor for advice on what to do. Just don't forget the seriousness of what's happening to your muscle cells as it's not good.

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