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Your total cholesterol is high, but what are your other numbers (HDL, LDL?)... If you have a good HDL/LDL ratio you may not need to worry...

Why don't you take CoQ10 with the Vytorin - since statins deplete this nutrient which is needed by the muscles to produce energy. It stands to reason that CoQ10 depletion could make you feel tired. I know what you are going thru, I had serious problems with muscle pain and profound weakness with Lipitor... I've been off it for nearly 2 years now and feel much better. Q-Gel is probably the best brand of CoQ10 to get - try 50mg/day.

I'd also stay off the Vytorin for a week or 2 to see if that makes you feel a little better. It may not however since CoQ10 in the tissues takes time to restore...

Get the CoQ10!!

If you can't tolerate any of the cholesterol lowering drugs, consider Policosanol (20mg/day). It lowers LDL and raises HDL. My doctor actually suggested that I take it when I had problems with the statin. After 10 weeks it lowered my TC about 15%. But it is VITAL that you get a brand made from Sugar-Cane, not Beeswax or Rice. The only version that lowers cholesterol is the one made from sugar cane...

Eat more fruits and veggies, cut way back on saturated fats, totally eliminate trans-fats, and cut way back on sugar and starchy carbs... It should help your trigs, but with your family history of high cholesterol, it may not help much there - your problem may be genetic...

Take 800mg Folic Acid daily to reduce Homocysteine (at least as important a factor in heart disease as cholesterol). Take Vitamin-C and E supplements to prevent LDL from becoming oxidized, since oxidized LDL is what is mostly drawn into arterial plaques... Omega-3s are very good for the heart, and protect the arteries from inflammation (which triggers the plaque formation)... You might try that also. These supplements won't necessarily lower cholesterol, but they confer some additional protection against heart disease. :cool:

I take the following daily:

3 grams Vitamin-C
1 gram L-Lysine
800mg Folic Acid
3 grams Omega-3 Fish Oil


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