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Re: Help!!!
Dec 8, 2005
[QUOTE=blackwaterfarms]Thank you for taking the time to help me and my brother. The info you have given me is wonderful. i feel better having a place to start. I will o.k. with Dr. and again thank you!![/QUOTE]


I hope your brother's condition improves quickly - he surely has a lot of issues to deal with.

Follow the advice above, after discussing it with your doctor. And No Junk Food...

If some carbs are allowed, make sure they have a low glycemic index. You can get a list of the glycemic index of foods on the internet - these break down into sugar slowly and don't give you a rapid rise in your blood sugar level like a lot of carbs do.

Definitely cut out all sweets and sugars - those triglycerides have to come down quickly. Also, the combination of Crestor and Tricor concerns me - combining statins and fibrates increases the chances of muscular problems. Your doctor has him on the Tricor for the trigs. He's concerned because high levels can cause pancreatitis - a very serious complication. One fast way to reduce trigs (doesn't work for all though) is to lose weight and cut out sweets and alchohol.

Best of luck,


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