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[QUOTE=ChristianZane]Hi Lenin, thanks for the comments. I think there's a bit of a hysteria in the medical community about getting cholesterol numbers to fabricated and pre-determined numbers. I agree my HDL is low, but this is a genetic thing. I'm doing a ton of research about low HDL levels when all the other numbers are normal, and it's still inconslusive on what to do. My doctor says that there isn't enough evidence at this time to say that drug treatment in my case is beneficial. However, there is no evidence saying that it is harmful either... so I may slowly work my way into some niacin over the coming months, but nothing near the 3g's that most books recommend. Cheers.[/QUOTE]


I never heard of such an incredible drop in cholesterol thru diet and lifestyle changes alone! Congratulations!! I wish we all could do as well.

Unfortunately for many the issue boils down to genetics, and lifestyle and diet changes don't have the desired result no matter how hard the person tries. It's either prescription drugs or supplements for these individuals.

I also have low HDL (usually around 35)... I've tried many things to raise it (aerobic exercise, one or two glasses of red wine daily, low dose Niacin of 500mg/day, losing weight), and yet it sticks like a bug on the windshield...

I'm on Policosanol now and am hoping it will finally give me some improvement. I've also started drinking one cup of green tea per day (all I can stand!!). I'm also taking 500mg of slow release Niacin... I do admit I have to do better with diet, and stick to more low-glycemic-index carbs than I do presently...

You should feel proud of your accomplishment.


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