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[QUOTE=Imacarbuff]My plan-to stop taking Lipitor completely in about one week. I have been taking 20mg for a few years (and Zocor & Pravachol before that) and last week I thought I would cut back to 10mg (by cutting my 20mgs in half) to ease off instead of stopping from 20mg to nothing.

Tonight (on I read that "statin withdrawal to a sharply increased risk of stroke,heart attack or death". It mentioned that this came to the front burner when former President Bill Clinton underwent bypass surgery. He had stopped taking his Zocor.

Anyone have any ideas about how to get off these statins without causing more problems than I am trying to cure?

In any case, my insurance company is dumping Lipitor at the end of the year. I would prefer to get off of these....but, if I must stay on one of them-which of the four that I will have to choose from would be best? Lovastatin, Crestor, Zocor or Vytorin? I've heard nothing but bad things about Crestor.
Thanks in advance for anyone who would have time to weigh in on this.[/QUOTE]


I thought that quitting statins cold-turkey was only risky if you had a recent heart attack...

I stopped taking Lipitor cold-turkey about 22 months ago after I started having serious muscle pain and profound weakness. I didn't personally experience any problems dropping the drug.

Lovastatin is a relatively weak statin - which is the one I'd recommend. Zocor is the one most likely to cross the blood-brain barrier - that sounds risky to me - who knows what the long term risk are...

Vytorin is a combination of a Zocor and Ezitimibe... again, I wouldn't personally take Zocor...


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