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If I had as much trouble with a statin as your husband did, I doubt that I'd be willing to try a diffferent one. But his numbers aren't good, so I expect he'll want to do something. How much niacin is he taking? Be sure that he has liver enzymes tests at regular intervals, even if it is an OTC niacin he is on. He may be able to keep his cholesterol under control with it if he has no problems with liver enzymes. Niacin has been used for cholesterol control for about 50 years. Unfortunately, it does raise homocysteine, but if he can't take statins, it may help somewhat.

My total cholesterol was 275 at its highest I believe. I got it down to around 247 with diet only, then began taking Enduracin, a sustained-release niacin, starting with just 250 mg daily and building up to 750 mg along with additional dietary changes. I did get my TC down to as low as 190 on the 750 mg at one point, though with slacking off on the diet, it was up to 239 again last time. My HDL was up to 85, though.

If your husband is able to tolerate a lot of legumes in the diet, that helps, too. And the closer to a vegetarian he can become, the better as far as cholesterol.

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