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[QUOTE=gardeninggal]I have in the past mentioned that I have a thyroid condition and was concerned about it and it's relation to higher cholesterol. My research into this has been very enlightening although very disturbing to say the least. I have been told to avoid soy although I didn't understand why until my uncovering the facts of soy. I won't even go into the way soy is refined to become the products we find on the shelf, that alone would make one hesitate to buy it let alone consume it. But I was more concerned with how our bodies react to it......Soy has many chemicals in it two of which are the isoflavones genistein and daidzen which demonstrate toxicity in the thyroid. As little as 30 mg or a daily serving of soy milk can cause a thyroid problem. These isolfavones are inhibitors of the thyroid peroxidase which makes T3 and T4 and this can lead to a goiter and autoimmune thyroiditis. One anti nutrient in soybeans is called a goitrogen, this chemical latches on to Iodine preventing it from being absorbed into the body from the gastrointestinal tract. If you don't have Iodine you can't make the thyroid hormone. Do you keep gaining weight and find it hard to loose it, hair loss, high cholesterol, fuzzy thinking, dry wrinkled skin, heart arrhythmias etc. Are you eating soy? Here is my dilemma, I chose to eliminate soy from my diet, easy huh !! not so because I could not believe how many products on my pantry shelf had soy, either as an soy oil or other form. Keeping in mind I am a pretty much cook from scratch cook, I was shocked. From my favorite spread mayonnaise to the dressing on my salad to the cereal from a box and pretty much every can of soup, the Promise margarine and the heart healthy orange juice, all have soy. The list goes on and on..... no wonder we have become a nation of fat people with high cholesterol. Boy am I frustrated :eek: :eek:[/QUOTE]

Geez, we are doomed no matter what we do huh? My girlfriend has a Thyroid problem and last year she went on a very high soy diet to lose weight. Oh she lost plenty, but her Thyroid went nuts, so I told her I thought the soy was doing it so she checked with her dr. and she took her off of the diet.

She is very health conscience and bakes & cooks from scratch also, but she always uses Promise health smart etc. etc., and she still can't figure out why her Thyroid is still a lil wacky, so I will show her this post. I am borderline hypo myself, so have to watch things, but it looks like no matter what we try to do we are screwed. Your right, it is VERY frustrating, and sometimes ya feel like tossing up your hands and saying..."forget it"!

A few years ago soy was suppose to be soooo good for ya, now it sucks. Ever get the feeling these "experts" haven't a clue what we should and should not be eating? AARGGGG Thanx for that info., but unless we just drink water I guess we are going to get things in our foods no matter what.

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