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[QUOTE=ashleymc]49 yr old male non-smker/ in good health with no past health issues...(non- fasting blood work) total-214 283 triglyerides 30 HDL 7.1 ratio...does the nonvfasting affect these numbers? thanx :wave:[/QUOTE]


Not fasting 12-14 hours before your blood test definitely affects Triglycerides to the point that the triglyceride count is almost useless.

And since your LDL (bad cholesterol) number is usually 'calculated' based on Triglycerides, not fasting will also skew your LDL number lower than it really is. This is not true if your blood test was a "VAP" test, which directly measures LDL, rather than calculates it based on your other numbers - but most blood tests today are not VAP tests.

I would recommend that you get re-tested. Eat a light meal the night before, avoid alchohol. Then fast for 12-14 hours to get an accurate Triglyceride reading...


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