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I am male, 34, 6-1, 248 lbs (at time of blood work)

I had some blood work done about 7 weeks back...
Bad Cholestrol = 118
Good Cholestrol = 225
Tri = 370
I also had slightly high blood pressure but I can't remember the numbers right now.

The doctor told me the Good should be below 200 and the Tri should be below 150 so she put me on 145 Tricor which I have been taking for 6 weeks now. During that 6 weeks I joined WeightWatchers to change my diet and lost 15 pounds. I haven't had blood work done again yet so I don't know my current numbers.

My question is do I really need Tricor with the numbers that I provided? My left chest muscle has been hurting me but I thought it was only a muscle pull. I have also been having some pain in my left shoulder and a little twing in my left knee (I think I might have twisted it though) which I didn't have before. I have been trying to read up on Tricor and the side effects but it seems like alot of people have it confused with a statin and now I am confused. Is Tricor really bad for you???

I have read some stuff on Ester E and fish oils on this board that make it seem like with a good diet and those pills I might be OK. Is that the correct theory? What is the right amount to take?

I am thinking about making a doctor appointment this week to get my blood tested and to get off of tricor.

I should also add that my mother has a problem with high cholesterol and my dad's side has diabetes.

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